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Steinhart Ocean One Vintage review

The Steinhart Ocean One Vintage (from now onwards referred to as the O1V or I’ll get bored before I get to the end of this review) is a Swiss made automatic watch heavily influenced...

Rodina automatic photo

Rodina Automatic review – UPDATED

Note After we published this review, the people at Seagull Watch Store got in touch to say that the Rodina are selling is a “fake” and of poor quality. They offered to send...


Camber Watch on Kickstarter

It’s been a long time since I went on to Kickstarter and backed something without spending any time thinking about it, but today I spotted a watch from a new brand called Camber Watches...


Apple Watch OS 2 announcement

In a horrifically long and at times rather strange developer keynote event on June 7th, Apple eventually announced Apple Watch OS 2 before I’ve even got my hands on an Apple Watch. Here is a...


Kickstarter watch roundup

There is, as usual, a lot of crap on Kickstarter. But also some good stuff. This week we look at the COGITO FIT, the Benarus Megalodon Dive Watch, the River Watch Company Tiber Diver and Apple Watch bling.