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Gruppo Gamma Vanguard N-19

So bronze watches are a thing now, they have been for quite a while, but have never interested me. In fact I never really noticed them for the longest time. Perhaps I just innately...


Lum-Tec 300M-2XL

Kick around, go anywhere tool watches are my jam! They fit right into my wheel house. Here’s one that seems to be built for that purpose. Even the name seems rugged with a whole...


Momentum M30

I’ve loved watches since I was a little. This watch is the first automatic watch I ever purchased, (and oh boy did it open the flood gates for more! But I’ll get to those...


Swatch Sistem51 review

The Swatch Sistem51 is new Swiss made automatic contain a brand new movement from Swatch made up of just 51 parts (hence the 51 in the name).


Obris Morgan Aegis review

Overview This tactical type divers’ watch was inspired by Greek mythology; namely Aegis, the shield of Zeus, lord of all the Greek Gods. This beautifully proportioned timepiece has a triple seal screw in crown,...