Bulova precisionist 98B172


This is a rather popular watch, made by a rather popular brand. Since there is already a plethora of information on both, this will be a quick opinion from me rather than a review. 


In brief wearing this watch is a bit like hanging around Mr. Spock, it’s advanced, it’s capable, it’s tough, incredibly intelligent, but…… a bit boring, not much fun, and never laughs at a joke. I tried to like this watch, I really did. I had it in my collection for almost a full year. I did plenty of things with it, and it’s undeniably a cool watch. It has a curved sapphire crystal, one of the smoothest sweeping second hands you can find, it’s water resistance is 300 meters, it’s well built, is accurate to within 8 seconds a year, and the chronograph can time things to the 1/1000th of a second! Crazy… 

So why did I finally give up on it? Well it’s a bit too big, the lume is rather disappointing, it doesn’t really go with any outfit unless you’re from the future, and in all honesty the watch on a whole is a bit unnecessary. I mean it doesn’t matter if it can time things to the 1000th of a second if a human isn’t capable of pushing the start and stop button that accurately. The watch is like a super car. Just because it’s capable of going over 200mph doesn’t mean jack to me if I’m never actually going to be able to use it. In fact all it really is is an example of what a company is capable of. It’s a corporate statement, conversation piece and the furthest wet spot in an industrial pissing contest. So to sum it up, I’m glad I owned it, but don’t think I’ll miss it. Give me a watch that’s fun, quirky, slightly flawed even, as long as it has a bit of personality and can take a joke. Maybe it’s because I’m a Canadian and so is he, but I’d hang James T. Kirk over Spock any day.