Camber Watch on Kickstarter


It’s been a long time since I went on to Kickstarter and backed something without spending any time thinking about it, but today I spotted a watch from a new brand called Camber Watches that seemed both well priced and great looking.


For just €88 (you’ll have to work out what that means in your currency) and with free shipping world wide I’ve backed a 45mm chronograph in one of 3 colours, with a slightly domed (mineral) crystal. According to an update to the campaign they’ll also be making it available in a 42mm case.

This is one of those rare occasions where something on Kickstarter doesn’t look like complete shit (search “watch” on there and check out some of the crap people are trying to sell), so I hope they deliver. The strap looks horrible but I may be surprised when it arrives. If not it’s easily replacable. I’m excited! 



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