Kickstarter roundup


Kickstarter is going crazy for new watch campaigns at the moment. We’ll have a detailed preview of the Hastings & Co Heritage up in the next week, but here are a few others that have caught our eye.


The Cherwell by Marloe Watch Co

Distinguishable from the others we are covering by its hand wound (as opposed to automatic) movement, the Cherwell is an attractive piece. The dial is layered, features a seconds sub-dial with small concentric circles, and is available in 3 colours, or 4 if it reaches it’s stretch goals.

The campaign started at £129 but they are long gone. There are still watches available from £169 on Kickstarter.




The Brigadier Chronograph by Mercer Watch Company

It’s worth clarifying up front that I’ve not seen a Mercer Watch in the real world, only in online photos. That said, they’ve never really been a brand that appealed. For whatever reason their style just doesn’t do anything for me, and their dials look a bit plastic-y in photos.

The Brigadier Chronograph is an enhancement on their original, Kickstarter funded Brigadier with chronograph functionality added.

It contains there Seiko VK64 mecaquartz movement rather than a full mechanical movement, however at this price it would be unreasonable to expect any more. It doesn’t appeal to me, but if the style works for you, you can be confident they’ll deliver as they have before.

The campaign started at $199 but they are gone. There are still watches available from £99 on Kickstarter.



The Armada by Manchester Watch Works

It’s nice to see a Kickstarter diver that can be bothered to supply a bracelet at a reasonable cost. The Armada appeals due to this, and because I have their previous model (the Tatoskok) and love it. Spec wise, the Armada is nothing special (NH35 movement, 200m, stainless steel, aluminium bezel insert – standard stuff) but if for no other reason than I like their previous model and am confident they can deliver, I think this is worth a look. Don’t expect anything unique or unusual though.

The Armada is available from $240 on Kickstarter.



Which one should you get?

The Cherwell, I think. The most interesting of the 3 for me rather than just another Automatic diver.

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If you’re building a watch and planning to launch it via some kind of pre-order campaign, Ross Davis provides lots of free Kickstarter help on his blog. Check it out and get in touch with him if you have an interesting project you’d like help with.


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