Kickstarter watch roundup

There is, as usual, a lot of crap on Kickstarter. Here are some that stood out, for one reason or another, this week.


Cogito fit

The COGITO FIT (capitalisation theirs) is a fashion forward watch, apparently. The most fashion friendly connected watch yet, they claim. Here is a picture of it.


Fashionable it may be, although I doubt it. Stylish it sure isn’t.

The COGITO FIT (that’ll quickly get annoying) sends basic notifications to your wrist, allows you to control aspects of your phone, and works as a fitness tracker. Nothing new or particularly exciting. Notifications themselves are nothing more than a vibrate, beep, and an indication of the type of notification you’re receiving. Get a text message and it’ll tell you that you’ve got a text message, but not who it’s from or what it says. How this is better than having no notification isn’t clear. If I’m getting notifications to my wrist, it’s because I want to avoid getting my phone out in some circumstances but know what is going on, something that the COGITO FIT (!) comprehensively fails to help with.

So what looks good? Battery life and water resistance, both of which are achieved by not actually offering much functionality. Not much else. “Making technology fashionable has been a challenge” they say. I can see that.

The COGITO FIT is available on Kickstarter until June 27, starting at $49.

Benarus Megalodon Dive Watch

For a Kickstarter, the Benarus Megalodon Dive Watch is expensive. It starts at $750 if you get in early which is a lot of money to drop on something you’ve never seen. It’s also huge, with a diameter of 49mm and it’s 19mm thick!

But it looks amazing and is named after a massive shark, which makes it cool. Just look at it.


It has a Miyota 9015 movement and is water resistant to 2500M so should be able to cope with your desk job and occasional snorkelling session on your summer holidays. If you’re feeling rich, buy one and then lend it to me so I can review it.

The Benarus Megalodon Dive Watch is available on Kickstarter until July 5, starting at $750.

Ruin your Apple watch with 24K gold

If you can afford a gold Apple Watch, everyone either already knows or can tell when they meet you. If you can’t afford one and want to ruin your perfectly nice Apple Watch, while at the same time demonstrating to everyone you meet that you have no taste, then Kickstarter has you covered for just $115 until June 10.

River Watch Company Tiber Diver

Inoffensive and uninspiring generic Kickstarter fodder in black. Moderately interesting in silver. Already past $60k of funding for some reason.


The Tiber Diver is available on Kickstarter until June 17 from $400.

Possibly of actual interest is the ACCURAT SWISS K1, a new Swiss made movement currently on Kickstarter. It certainly requires more than a short paragraph here, so we’ll dedicate an article to it soon.

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If you’re building a watch and planning to launch it via some kind of pre-order campaign, Ross Davis provides lots of free Kickstarter help on his blog. Check it out and get in touch with him if you have an interesting project you’d like help with.


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