Redux COURG on Kickstarter


It’s generally sensible to avoid watches on Kickstarter. There is rarely see anything there that stands out, just an endless stream of generic “minimalist” watches which are difficult to tell from each other. When something does stand out it’s too expensive to risk significant money on, especially as there is no guarantee anything will ever arrive.


Yesterday however, I backed my first ever Kickstarter watch. It was the Redux COURG and it looks brilliant. A few specs:

  • It’s made of Titanium (grade 2, apparently). I have no idea if that’s important as I’ve never owned a Titanium watch and know FA about grades of titanium, but it sounds cool
  • It’s automatic. A Seiko NH-35A to be precise. Not Swiss but really, who cares? I don’t buy Quartz watches except in very rare circumstances, so a good quality automatic movement is crucial
  • It’s water resistant to 15 ATM.
  • It’s cheap. $199 when I backed it. It’s going up as it gets more popular obviously, but even at the current price ($229) it’s still a bargain
  • At 39mm it’s a sensible size. With current trends pushing watches bigger and bigger, this is a pleasant surprise.
  • It looks amazing. It stands out without being ostentatious and has wrist presence without shouting about itself

The COURG is on Kickstarter from $229 until August 20 and you should back it. I can’t wait for mine to arrive.

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If you’re building a watch and planning to launch it via some kind of pre-order campaign, Ross Davis provides lots of free Kickstarter help on his blog. Check it out and get in touch with him if you have an interesting project you’d like help with.


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