Apple Watch OS 2 announcement

In a horrifically long and at times rather strange developer keynote event on June 7th, Apple eventually announced Apple Watch OS 2 before I’ve even got my hands on an Apple Watch. Here is a summary for those of you that couldn’t survive the hours of announcements on things as newsworthy as an update to the iPhone notes app that became before the watch stuff.


More watch faces

Fine, but who really cares?

Customisable complications

The closest a developer can get to building their own watch face – they can now build small complications that show on Apple’s watch faces. Examples given were knowing the current charge state of your electric car or upcoming flight details. Boring stuff, basically. Hopefully the developers will work out something more interesting or useful to do with this.

Time travel

Spin the “digital crown” on your watch to scroll forwards (or backwards) through your day. Announcement came complete with hilarious jokes about them working on a version for the stocks app and flux capacitors not being included. The scripted humour in these events gets worse each time.

Native watch apps

The App Store turned the iPhone from a nice phone in to a great personal computer. Hopefully proper, native apps (rather than the apps currently ‘running’ on the Apple Watch which do most of their processing on the connected iPhone) will have the same effect on the Apple Watch. I won’t be giving up my mechanical watches, but it’s nice to have the choice.

Nightstand mode

Cute, but chances are you’ve already got an iPhone on your nightstand if you own an Apple Watch. That something this minor made it in to the keynote gives a good indication of the amount of stuff they actually had ready to announce. They could have had everyone out in an hour if they’d limited to stuff that was actually interesting.

Improved built in apps

You can now reply to an email via the watch email app. Apparently you couldn’t before.

Other stuff

Maps and Siri updates, as expected. Is anyone yet comfortable talking to their wrist?

And that’s about it. With the exception of native apps, a whole load of not very much.


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