Have Sinn solved the Apple Watch problem?


Sinn have announced their solution to the Apple Watch problem. Currently if you want to wear your “proper” watch and an Apple Watch your options are wearing one on each wrist, both on the same wrist (is that possible?), or just picking one one of them meaning you miss out on completing those damn Apple Watch fitness circles!


The solution? Both watches on the same strap! The Sinn Dual Strap System allows you to wear your Apple Watch with another 22mm lug width watch of your choice, or wear either one of them on their own. It’s available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and costs $210 when purchased on it’s own, or $120 when purchased with a new Sinn watch.

Will it be comfortable? Will it looks stupid? No idea, but we’ll be getting one in as soon as possible as I’m intrigued. In the mean time, here are a few images from ABlogToWatch who have already got their hands on one.

sinn-dual-strap-system-apple-watch-2 sinn-dual-strap-system-apple-watch-3 sinn-dual-strap-system-apple-watch-4 sinn-dual-strap-system-apple-watch-5

(Via ABlogToWatch)


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