Nereid: The Captain’s Marine Watch on Kickstarter


Today we’ll be looking at the Nereid watch which has a campaign going on at Kickstarter right now. For starters, the Nereid watch is an interesting design. When I first saw it, I felt like I had just traveled back in time, back when watches were handcrafted and wholesomely made. The Nereid watch is automatic and backed by enamel to ensure visibility, and it’s made of materials that will withstand a lot that many lesser watches will not.


It comes complete with the Miyota cal.8240 series, which is the source for hundreds of thousands of watches and has withstood the tests of time. The watch 42mm, or 46mm lug-to-lug, so not small but you shouldn’t have to worry about it being unwieldy and cumbersome to wear. Encased by 316L stainless steel and sapphire glass, you can’t go wrong.

The watch comes in two different designs, each of which has two sub-design options. The first type is the Nereid Pacific. This variety comes in both a white enamel dial and a brushed blue enamel dial. The other type is the Nereid Argo. This one comes in a white enamel dial and a brushed brown/black enamel dial. The essential difference between the two main types of the Miyota that is installed (and of course the hue). The Pacific has the Miyota cal.8247, while the Argo has the Miyota cal.8245.

If you’re interested in purchasing the watch, its Kickstarter campaign runs from now until 29 February, at which point the project will be funded and the preliminary deals will not be available. All watches are shipped from Australia and come with your choice of strap, an engraved exhibition case, and a 12 month warranty. For $285, you can get the dark-colored Nereid Argo; for $295 you can get the white-colored Nereid Pacific or the white-colored Nereid Argo; for $325 you can get the dark Nereid Argo or the blue Nereid Pacific (prices go up as tiers sell out); for $590 you can get any two of the watches you’d like, and for $1,180, you can get four. Please note these prices are all in Australian dollars; please use Google to convert from that to your local currency.

This watch is a blend of the classic with a twinge of modern, yet affordable technology. If you think this is the watch for you, please check out the Kickstarter page at

Happy sailing!

tangramatic-nereid-black tangramatic-nereid-3 tangramatic-nereid-2 tangramatic-nereid-wrist

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