Using third party straps on Apple Watch

Picture of Apple Watch with third party leather strap

Apple Watch straps cost a fortune. If Apple want their watch to become my watch for all situations it needs to be customisable based on what I’m wearing or what I’m doing. By the time I’d bought a sport band, a leather loop and a bracelet to cover the basics I was down more than £500 before I’d even bought the watch which, quite frankly, is ludicrous.


So I started looking at my options. There are a range of bracelets on Amazon that I’ll get round to checking out, but I have a first party one so that’s lower priority. What I needed were some nice leather straps for various sitatiuons and Apple’s offerings are pretty crappy looking and over priced.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Apple Watch leather strap

Apple Watch gimp strap

The first is the 24mm Hirsch Terra which I got for £55 and the second is the 24mm Hirsch Rally (aka The Gimp) which I got for £39. Both are really high quality products and both look great on the watch in different situations. More importantly both are far nicer than the official Apple leather straps and cost less than half the price.

If you’re interested in doing the same and greatly increasing the flexibility of your Apple Watch then these adaptors work well on my stainless steel 42mm Apple Watch. They click in properly rather than just using friction to stay in place like some of the cheaper options. They allow you to attach any 24mm straps to your Apple Watch. I’ve ordered more already.

I got the straps from (not an affiliate or paid link, just a great site). They ship worldwide (free if you spend over £100) and you should check them out, they hold a huge range of Hirsch and Di Modell in stock. Mine arrived next day, free delivery.

If you’ve found other third party watches that work well with the Apple Watch let me know on twitter @WatchRoundup. Full Apple Watch and offical straps review coming very soon.


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