The Top 5 Best Affordable Automatic Watches

Christopher-Ward-C60 Trident-Pro-600-43mm

If you are a connoisseur of automatic watches and you are looking for beautiful watches available for under $1000, you have come to the right place. After some fierce internal debate, we came under the conclusion that 5 affordable automatic watches stand head and shoulders above the rest for us at the moment.


Here they are:

  1. Christopher Ward C60 Trident

Coming in both standard and titanium versions, this Swiss made wristwatch is absolutely fantastic. The standard version features enhanced luminosity, perfect engineering and robust movement. The trident logo is deep stamped on the backplate, offering a great 3D impression. Of course, this watch is waterproof. The starting price for the Christopher Ward C60 Trident is £599.00. You can buy it here:

Christopher Ward C60 Trident

The titanium version is built from titanium, a light and extremely corrosive resistant material. This model is the perfect diving companion underwater, being able to withstand depths of over 2000 feet/600 metres. For £750.00, you can purchase the titanium version here:


  1. Sinn 556a

Embedded in a stainless steel, sanitized case, the Sinn 556a is a gorgeous sapphire crystal glass watch that can leave many people astounded. At 850€, you can purchase this watch and enjoy a unique design with superior readability and accentuation of the hours, minutes and seconds. What we really fancied about this automatic watch is the transparent back which gives you an intriguing insight into the mechanical movement that takes place inside. See more at


  1. Borealis Sea Hawk

If you prefer automatic diver watches powered by Japanese technology, the Borealis Sea Hawk is just perfect for you. At only $360, this wristwatch is powered by a Japanese Seiko movement and is made of the highest quality stainless steel possible. The movement is very reliable and stable, featuring hacking seconds and quick date correction.

The Borealis Sea Hawk can be purchased here:!/~/product/category=6645472&id=35192472


  1. Hamtun H1

With a case made of satin finished titanium, a ceramic bezel, and a sapphire crystal, the H1 stands on it’s own right as a great watch. When you consider that it sells for a frankly ridiculously low £239, it’s hard to think of a better deal. This is the first watch from UK based Hamtun Watches, who launched it on Kickstarter in 2016 and went on to raise around £170,000 in pre-orders. At that price, it’s not surprising. Buy it for £239 at Hamtun Watches


  1. Obris Morgan Explorer ii

Ultimately, the Obris Morgan Explorer ii is one of the best watches for divers. This beautiful and complex watch features an automatic helium escape valve, anti-reflective sapphire coating, a super smooth 28,800 bph high frequency movement and superluminova C1 Lumed handsets. Buy this watch for $280 or see more at