Damasko overview


Damasko is a German Based watch manufacturer that has been making watches since 1994 as the culmination of the founder’s boyhood dream to create a robust mechanical watch that requires little maintenance. The founder Konrad Damasko was the brains behind the firms patented hardened stainless steel casing. In addition, the firm is also credited with countless other technical inventions including the lubricant free escapement with nano-technology based coating using Diamond Like Carbon or DLC for short.


Headquartered in Barbing, Germany, Damasko rose to prominence as a watch manufacturer in 2010 when the firm released its first automatic in-house movement, the A35-1. Soon after the release of its groundbreaking movement, the company released its second movement named H35. In addition to watch making, Damasko also specializes in research and implementation of new materials and processes for the watch making industry.

damasks’s most famous invention is their the ice tampered stainless steel case. The company’s stainless steel cases undergo a special heat treatment that involves the addition of 0.35 % of nitrogen and carbon. This hardening process ensures that the end product is four times harder than ordinary stainless steel. This hardened stainless steel is used in the aviation industry. As such, Damasko watches are known for being resilient and almost impervious to scratching.

All Damasko watches are equipped with a patented magnetic field protection. The magnetic shielding material ensures that all Damasko watches retain their time accuracy regardless of conditions. In addition to this magnetic field protection, Damasko also has a patent for its polycrystalline silicon that is used in the making of watch components, spring included. The firm also holds a patent on its double-eccentric ratcheted winding system as well as on other innovative technologies.

Damasko produces high quality watches and chronographs some of which have gained global recognition. The DC65 has been certified as the official watch for Eurofighter test pilots while the DA38 was nominated as one of the best men’s watches under €2000 by GQ Magazine.


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