ALF Norrsken


Sometimes breaking from your everyday norm is a good thing. In general it’s easy to get comfortable in this life, to stick with a pattern that works and go with what’s familiar. However challenging yourself is also a good thing! Step outside your comfort zone, gain a new experience and diversify yourself. You’re probably starting to get where I’m going with this… yep that’s right I’m reviewing a watch that is mold shatteringly outside my personal preferences, and yet the watch somehow is bloody great to wear and leaves me smiling!


The ALF Norrsken has been loaned to me for review by its creator who is a young engineering student in Sweden named Samuel, who as it happens, has a passion for watches. This is his first creation from what I understand and his personal expressions and love of the watch come across nicely in its design, execution and finish. Norrsken translates in English to Northern Lights. Now Sam didn’t tell my why that name was chosen, but if I were to hazard a guess it would be because it’s something that’s totally unique, you don’t see every day, it’s oddly fascinating, and it’s rather hypnotizing to stare at, just like the Aurora Borealis.

The watch showed up at my house and as I do with new pieces, I set the time and put it on. As I said before it’s not something I would normally wear. But after looking at it for a few moments I realized I was staring and almost ogling the thing. If it were a woman it would have slapped me in the face and said “My eyes are up here mister!” It’s an odd watch, but that’s what is so entrancing, everything about it would suggests that is is different, and that is what makes it work so well, because the little nuances and attention to details are done very well. The textured and dual level dial has a lot of depth. I really like the sandwich style cut out indices. The deep blue colour has a subtle texture to it and other than the tasteful logo it is nice and clean. Pretty slick so far.

While the case is most definitely square, somehow it almost isn’t! (If that makes any sense) but by no means is it a cushion case either. The edges are rounded, softening the shape with textured ribbing running vertically all the way around. The shape while being unique, was also slightly familiar to me and it took me a while to figure out what I was recognizing. It is slightly reminiscent of a certain popular smart watch, but because of all the texturing it has, it sets itself far enough aside that it isn’t trying to mimic that shape at all. It’s 40mm in diameter and being lug-less it wears exactly as you would expect. The pull push crown isn’t overly large but still is big enough to be easy to use. The Miyota 21 jewel non hacking movement will give you 40hrs of power reserve and it will keep its gears dry down to 50 meters within this lovely satin finished stainless steel case. The flat sapphire Crystal makes the Watch a dream to photograph and it knows it. It is a camera hog. It looked good in my studio under the lights, and also outdoors.

Now I wouldn’t call this piece an athletic watch, but that’s not really what it’s for, it’s a great every day piece that can keep you company at work, spark up conversation at the pub or rattle along with you on your wrist as you push a buggy down the aisle of a grocery store. It’ll go with you anywhere from casual to business casual. Now I do love to photograph outdoors because that’s how I roll, so I brought it out for a little excursion. Now I didn’t wear it on my wrist because the leather is too nice to get sweaty, so it came along for the ride in my backpack.

Even though it’s not perhaps a backcountry adventure piece it certainly does look great in the outdoors. It’s a really fun watch. It’s odd it’s quirky, it’s very well put together and it’s absolutely refreshing. If you’re looking for something that’s not a diver, not a chronograph, not a pilot watch but just a handsome unique piece then watch for this piece to be launched on Kickstarter. Sign up On their website for email notifications about their launch date.