Balticus Stardust


What makes you want a watch? How does it come to be lined up in your crosshairs? For me, no other watch has ever made me feel like an internet stalker, a Facebook creeper, a shy high school kid with a crush on a popular pretty girl staring at her yearbook photo than this Balticus Stardust.
I saw a photo of it on Facebook, and I swear I did a double take. It literally took my breath away. That finish, that shape, that polished and brushed bracelet, and of course that dial! Whoa… I believe I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for a well done dial. This particular one is out of this world. A number of years ago I saw a picture that NASA released called the “Ultra Deep Field Lithograph .” It’s a picture taken by the Hubble telescope back in 2013 that captured something like 10,000 Galaxies. When I saw it, it took my breath away. It made me feel small and awestruck. The dial on the stardust reminds me of that photo! 


So queue the internet stalking. I researched and image browsed the hell out of this watch. Also creeped it on Facebook. I soon found that the brand owner is also one of those guys that’s pretty good with social media. He makes his presence known and is available and responsive. Also every post I came across from owners were nothing but positive. So after much pondering, I finally acquired one a few months back. 

Balticus is a micro brand from Poland with a number of models, not just the Stardust. This one is the automatic version with no date window. (Why lose any real estate on that amazing dial to a date window.) it came with a blue leather strap and of course the show stealing stainless 3 link bracelet, that is brushed on the outside and polished in the center and matches the case perfectly. The crystal is sapphire. The indices are beautifully applied and filled with lume. The hands are also perfectly designed for the appearance and attitude of this watch. It’s screw down crown is engraved with a cursive letter “B” it feels solid and turns smoothly. The case back is screwed down and is decorated by stars on a deep blue background that has some depth to it. While it is reminiscent of an AP Royal Oak in shape, it’s by no means copying one. Inside ticks a Miyota 8215. I’m not particularly fond of this movement, but it is reliable, tough and easy to work on or replace. And this watch is more than just the sum of its parts. 

The minute I held it I knew I’d made the right choice. The build quality is unbelievably good. Every aspect feels well thought out and put together. I mean this watch should deliver its own TED talks! If it did it would come across confident, witty and inspirational. And it would hold your attention the entire speech with its astonishing good looks! Wearing it catches the eye of others for sure, I get compliments on it often. Since getting one for myself I’ve also fitted my wife in one. They are offered in a smaller size with a quartz movement and have all the beauty packed into a smaller package. My mother also has one now too. They’re so good they’re contagiousFor me there’s a magic to the watch. Like I said, there’s a depth to the decorated case back, I’m not sure how it’s achieved. I’m not sure what the dial’s made of, or what makes it sparkle how it does. I don’t want to know these things! I just like the way it all comes together. It isn’t a watch that needs to be questioned. I just like it, and I don’t care why I do, but the main reason is how good I feel about myself when I wear it. It’s a watch that I will glance at repeatedly and never actually know what time it is because that’s not the reason why I looked down at it.

Before I wrap up, let me mention the customer service. Recently I noticed that on the inside of the crystal there were 2 of the sparkly flecks on the glass. It seemed they had detached from the dial and stuck themselves to the underside of the sapphire. I contacted Balticus and they told me to send it back. When they received it they told me it was because of an impact the watch had suffered. That was news to me, and immediately I felt a bit defensive. I treat this watch with kid gloves! I love it and am extremely careful. This is not one of my tool watches. It doesn’t join me in the back country. Well they sent me a picture, and sure enough, clear as day there was a dent in the side of the watch. Well crap…

How the hell? Well I have since gotten a tearful confession from one of my children that he was wanting to see my watch collection, was taking it down off the display stand on the dresser and it hit the floor. Knowing my watches are my other “babies” he put it back and didn’t tell me. I’m not mad, it’s what kids do. I wrecked stuff too at their age. But! This isn’t now a warranty issue anymore but rather a repair. Now I can’t speak to what their policies are at Balticus, however in this particular scenario, they not only took care of the flecks under the sapphire, but also repaired the dent in the case. I just got it back and it is as good as the first day I held it. And other than paying the cost to ship it back, I wasn’t charged a cent. Bravo Balticus! That was above and beyond. They totally exceeded my expectations. Now bear in mind I was not a customer that needed service recovery, nor did I need convincing to make a purchase, but this gracious gesture certainly pounded all the nails into the coffin! Now I’m certainly not going anywhere. Balticus, you had me at hello…. I’m really looking forward to more of your offerings. Check them out here you won’t be disappointed.