Draken Peregrine


In a world drowning in diver style watches and upcoming Kickstarter projects it can get a bit overwhelming and seem a daunting task when faced with deciding where to pledge your money. Well the Peregrine by Draken shines like a beacon to me in a tumultuous sea of watch projects. This watch has graciously been loaned to me by Mike from Draken for review. I had very high hopes for it while waiting for it to arrive and as you’re about to see, I’m not disappointed.


The thing about a diver watch is that there are so many aspects to them that if not done correctly can spoil the whole thing from sloppy bezel feel, poor lume, placement of multiple crowns, helium release valves etc etc… The Peregrine being a pilot styled watch doesn’t have to worry about any of that. It’s really able to just focus on the basics of what a Watch needs, and do it really well. 

The watch is a very classic shape. It’s perfectly round, with a large knurled crown at 3 o’clock (where a crown belongs). This version is the DLC black case with a fully lumed dial. Now I’m not normally a fan of black watches with white faces, but this one is actually changing my mind! It’s slick looking in a casual yet confident and comfortable way. The indices are applied and filled with non luminous black fill. The numbers at 3, 6 and 9 are a large and legible font. There’s no date to clutter the simple and large dial. The sword hands are proportioned perfectly for the watch. The second hand is accented in blue and kisses each minute marker as it sweeps over them as does the minute hand. The hour hand is just long enough to clearly point at the hour indices. I was at first concerned that the crown would dig into the back of my hand, but it doesn’t, it’s a very comfortable watch. At 12 o’clock on the dial, things get very exciting, the applied triangle between 2 dots sits above the Draken logo which is a cutout in the dial and in its relief is a unique feature Draken has done to show off the power reserve indicator. As you wind the watch the logo turns from red to white. This comes across as very well done and classy, not gimmicky like I was a bit worried about when I first saw pictures. Nice touch Draken! That’s really cool. Oh and it’s also lumed so the power reserve is legible in the dark. On a side note, I was interested to find out how long it takes for this movement to get a full charge from normal movement on the wrist. I found that it takes about an hour and 15 minutes of walking to charge all the way. I was always curious. Now I know. Cool.

I really like Miyota 9000 series movements. This one has the 9130 which has the power reserve and is a high beat movement. I’ve never had any issues with my other watches that have the 9015s in them they’re reliable, pretty accurate, and very replaceable should any problems arise. There isn’t much of anything I can say that’s negative about the Watch. As I said, Draken was able to focus on doing everything right on this one. The slightly domed sapphire that stands slightly proud of the case will keep any scratches at bay, the display back shows you the blacked out rotor with the Draken logo on it, and guess what? That logo is lumed too! Cool, not that it ever sees the sun, but it’s a nice touch. The logo on the crown is also lumed. The Italian calf leather strap is very nice, embossed with the company name and logo on the inside and the clasp is DLC black to match the case and also engraved with their company name. 

This watch is what a rugged mountain man would wear when not in the bush. It’s tough and capable, but still looks great in the city. All of the elements are functional and well done with a touch of class and a good deal of confident style. It’s a pro athlete in a dinner jacket. Looks great on the surface but you can still see the muscle and performance beneath. Some of you may know that this watch has had one unsuccessful attempt on Kickstarter but was pulled half way through that campaign to reassess and tweak a few things before making its comeback later this year. When we will see some more enticing stretch goals and some more press about the Watch. If you are in the market for a rugged, classic pilot inspired adventure watch that is extremely well made, I urge you to get on board the Kickstarter campaign when it relaunches in November 2017. Because it’s coming out of its corner swinging this time around! You will not be disappointed having this lovely piece on your wrist. If you’ve handled various different watches you’ll know what I mean when I say some watches just feel well made. It’s an intangible sometimes and sometimes material. In this case it’s all of the above plus an X-factor! I know I’m going to have a hard time saying goodbye to this one when I’m shipping it back! But I will hold a spot in my collection open for my own once it returns to Kickstarter!

Full specs here:

  • Miyota 9130 automatic movement with discreet power reserve indicator
  • Bead-blasted and DLC (Diamond-like carbon) coated 316L stainless steel case
  • Black dial with BGW9 lume and full-lume white dial options
  • Green canvas and tan leather strap options
  • Double domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Exhibition case back with decorated rotor
  • 100m water resistance

For more info please visit Their website and also follow them on Facebook. They are an active member on various forums and are very responsive.