Kaal Watch Artemis


If you’re reading this then chances are higher that you’re a watch enthusiast. Now that also means that like me, you probably glance at your wrist numerous times a day not to actually check the time, but merely to admire your watch. Here’s a perfect example of a timepiece that will hold your glances for a long time. 




When I first started teasing some pictures Of this watch on various social media groups, one person asked me “What in the world is this? I must know!” I replied “You mean what OUT of this world is this!” Well this is the Kaal Watch Artemis (Moon) Watch one of three watches from the upcoming multiverse collection.  It has an absolutely stunning dial. The detail is intoxicating and you will get lost looking at it. Specs are as follows.

  • Seiko NH35 movement
  • 42mm case width
  • 47mm lug you lug
  • 19mm thickness
  • 22mm lug width
  • Double domed sapphire crystal
  • Pull/push crown
  • 3ATM water resistance
  • Horween leather strap

This package is going to be launched in a three stage release beginning September 2020 with preorders available off their Website for $369 and then they are launching a Kickstarter campaign in October 2020 for $399 and finally in March 2021 they will be available for full price purchase and delivery from their website at $699. Prices are in USD.


This dial is so very detailed. The texture and curvature of the moon with its meteorite strike craters captured perfectly all in front of a sparkling night sky which may be Aventurine or some other dark sparkly material. The minute and second hands orbit the moon while the hours rotate on the star filled disc. While this took me a moment to get used to how to tell the time it actually is not that hard.


The details don’t end at the dial. The knurled crown with the lumed logo on it are well done. The etched tear drop channels on the lugs are a nice touch. I do wish they were Lume filled however since it is obvious that Lume was well thought out on this watch.

The chapter ring glows blue which I assume is BGW9 while the numerals are done in green C3. My favourite part about the whole effect is how the glow from the chapter ring reflects on the outer edges of the moon creating an illusion that it is backlit or that it is eclipsing the sun.

The Horween leather strap is of obvious good quality and the signed clasp is a nice touch. It wears comfortably on the wrist and the tool less spring bars make for convenient strap changes. The case back shows the orbital track of the planets and they have cleverly made a peep exhibition window in place of the sun that they are orbiting. Now one of the very predominant features on this watch is the huge double domed sapphire crystal. At its apex it makes the watch 19mm thick and it definitely feels large on the wrist. However it does work with this watch since it has to encompass all that depth that is in the dial. My biggest pet peeve was how difficult this made the watch to photograph since it reflects everything.

So to sum it up, while the uniqueness of this watch may not be everyone’s cup of tea, those of you who like to stand out or enjoy a stunning detailed dial and some great Lume this is exactly what you are looking for. Not to mention for the initial preorder price of $369 available here https://kaalwatch.com/pre-order/?fbclid=IwAR1ng1ixK6YvxRsPaZldn9u4VT-7_IfejouergRSxMA2jAzuj44gF0Rk2rA this is a great value being offered.