Neminus Master Diver 1000


For some, buying a bronze watch takes a lot of thought. It’s not a style that everyone can pull off, so for you people that are trying to decide if bronze is for you, look no further and let me take some of the decision making out of your hands. This is the watch for you! And here’s why…



This is the second offering from Neminus, it’s the Master Diver 1000 and it’s pretty awesome. I had the pleasure of reviewing the Earth Dweller from Neminus a while back and I was amazed at the attention to detail and the spectacularly stunning dial they provided. Well this bronze diver offers all of those stunning details at an even more affordable price. Let’s get the Specs out of the way.


Price : $299 preorder price from their website with forecasted delivery of December 2019

Diameter: 44mm

Lug to Lug: 52mm

Thickness: 16mm

Movement: Seiko NH35

Material: CUSN8 bronze with SS case back

Bezel: Lumed ceramic

Crystal: Domed Sapphire

Dial: Brass with multiple layers of 2 tone paint polished to give a hypnotic rippling effect.

Indices: Applied markers filled with BGW9 blueish lume

Strap: Kevlar outer with genuine leather liner with bronze custom logo pin and buckle

Crown: Screw down at 3 o’clock

WR: 1000 Meters

Helium release Valve: Manual screw down at 10 o’clock




Now for the preorder price of $299 this watch is astonishing value. The details and build quality are of a watch worth far far more. The bezel action is absolutely superb, it is perfectly aligned to the markers and the action feels great when rotating with zero back-play. The applied indices are lined up perfectly and absolutely filled to the brim with evenly applied lume. This thing really glows.



There were no shortcuts taken, and when speaking with the creator it became apparent that cost cutting is the last thing on his mind and delivering a top quality product is of utmost importance. The case back is deeply engraved and has an amazing texture to it. The prototype I am reviewing has the case back made out of SS with a rose gold PVD coating, now I’m not sure if that will come on the final product or just a plain SS back, but I personally really like the fact that the PVD rose gold coating matches the back to the bronze case! A really nice touch.



The domed sapphire, while admittedly making watches difficult to photograph make it stunning to look at from the side. Now as for the size of the piece, it is a substantial watch but on my 6.75” wrist it actually wears very well and although it is heavy, because it isn’t on a bracelet it’s actually not terribly weighty as a total package.



Now let’s talk about the dial. It is an absolute work of art! And this is what I really love about this watch. It’s a perfect blend of business and pleasure. It’s tough, rugged, well made and yet a splendour  to look at! When the light plays across the dial it shimmers and actually looks like the rippling of water’s surface. The matte ceramic bezel insert is tough and gives it a tool watch feel. The way the pip is dead center of the triangle gives the feel of precision and the choice of handset and trident second hand brings the whole package together.



Now some people are not fans of anything except Swiss movements. But personally I really like the NH35 and think it’s a great choice for a tool watch. And also it keeps the price down. In fact if given the choice between an NH35 or a 2824 or An SW200, I’d take the seiko any day. I’ve had numerous problems with those Swiss movements and none with a seiko not to mention maintenance is very affordable if ever needed. The Kevlar strap is not my favourite style and to be honest I would likely wear it on brown leather. And my only gripe about the watch is the buckle. The prototype buckle has straight edges at the base and I find that it dug I to my wrist. The good news is my wrist took a beating so yours won’t have to! I have let them know and they will chamfer the edges for the production pieces.



So I hope you’ve found this a useful review and have taken the guesswork out of your decision. Because this watch is a no brainer. And especially at the preorder price you would be making a solid choice. Because for $299 you would be able to sell it for at least that once the price goes up for the Kickstarter campaign and then goes up to it’s full MSRP once the campaign is over in August. Watches are forecasted to be shipped in December of 2019 so the only hard thing about this piece will be biting your nails waiting for it to arrive. But hey, it’ll make a great Christmas present when it arrives! So check them out on their website and get your order in now before you miss out on this amazing price.