Neminus Xtreme Salvage Diver

This will be my third Neminus model that I have reviewed. Now I have been a fan of their products since I first saw prototype photos of the Earth Dweller. And while both of the other two have been top notch I have always found some tiny area that could be improved, such as a clasp that I found slightly uncomfortable. Or a rough edge on a case back. Never anything huge, tiny things. And that brings me to this piece. I simply can’t fault it. Neminus has made a piece here that is absolutely mind blowing considering the price! Now I know that everyone has their own preferences, but I am a sucker for a beautifully detailed dial, My preferred dimensions are 42-44mm case by 50mm lug to lug and I love great Lume so… place tick in box! This one is in my wheelhouse and here we go.




Let’s get specs out of the way.

  • CASE SIZE : Case 44mm ; Thickness 15.4mm ; Lug 22mm ; Buckle 22mm * 20mm
  • CASING : Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel with Satin Finishing
  • BEZEL : Embedded Ceramic Insert with Polished Finishing & Swiss BGW9 Lumes
  • GLASS : 4mm Double-Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass with 5- Layers of AR Coating
  • DIAL : Uniquely Designed Multi- color 3D Dial
  • LUMES : Swiss BGW9 SuperLuminova Lumes on Bezel, Hands & Indexes
    Nuclear (Reactor) Diver
  • BACKCASE : Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel with Uniquely Designed Skull with Wave Background
  • STRAP : Customized Triple Layer Canvas, Colored Genuine Leather & Full-Grain Leather Underlay with Relative Color Thread ; Quick Release Strap
  • BUCKLE : Customized 316L Stainless Steel Buckle with Satin Finishing
    WATER RESISTANT : 300m or 30 ATM
    MOVEMENT : SEIKO SII NH35A Automatic
    Movement Warranty : Two (2) Years

These models have already completed a successful funding campaign and are available for purchase off their Website. MSRP is $699 USD but at the time of writing this they are on sale for $524. There are three models, the Savage Diver with the textured red/fade to yellowish gold, the Deadhead Logger which is a deep broody dark grey, and the Nuclear diver which has a brilliant yellow textured dial.



Now the dial is the feature that definitely catches the eye first, it is textured and slightly reflective and catches and plays with the light perfectly. But the details don’t stop there. The polished applied indices, the polished border around the date window, the applied writing of the words “Neminus Xtreme” at the top of the dial, the trident on the second hand and the background of the date wheel which alternates from red to black from day to day. These are all touches that come together to create a mesmerizing beauty. The hands and indices are filled (and I mean FILLED) with BGW9 Lume. They did not skimp on the Lume. It’s easily legible all night long and eye popping when fully charged.


The Bezel has a masculine thick coin edge, and the insert is ceramic which is also filled with Lume. The Pip at 12 o’clock is centered Perfectly. The alignment is precise and the action is firm with absolutely no back play.

The Crystal is domed sapphire which mutes reflection well and playfully adds a very slight distortion when you rotate the watch side to side. The case is Stainless steel and the brushing is wonderfully done. The edges are chamfered and I can’t find a single spot on the case that feels sharp or unpleasant to touch. It screams quality when you handle this watch. The crown is at 3 o’clock and nestled securely between crown guards. The crown itself is embossed with the logo, and the action of it screwing down is very good. At 9 o’clock there is an automatic helium release valve, and the the details don’t stop there. At 12 o’clock the case displays which model number you own, and there are only 100 of each model made. Then at 6 o’clock the words “No Fear” are etched in the 22mm space between the lugs. When you turn the watch over you come face to face with a jovial grinning skull over a wave pattern background which is also deeply embossed with all smooth edges. Orbiting the edge of the case back are more words describing the model and series and another phrase “Living Dangerously” which captures the soul of the watch.



The heart of the watch is a seiko NH35 workhorse which I actually prefer when it comes to entry level movements. This will be reliable, robust, easy to service and allows the cost of the watch to remain affordable. The watch comes with a Nato strap in the package and a canvas strap attached to the watch with accented matching red stitching. I know that some people complained about the strap fraying but let me assure you this is done completely on purpose. The strap is designed to fray on the outside to give it a worn look. The stitching is a couple millimeters inside the edge and will stop the fraying from running further than allowed. The second layer is a coloured thick (I believe Horween) leather and the under side is black full grain leather. I am not usually a canvass strap fan, however this one is so comfortable and feels of such high quality that is has completely won me over. It is 22mm wide with a slight taper. It is equipped with quick release spring bars for tool-less strap changes and the clasp is absolutely superb. The clasp is an area that I have found fault on the master diver model, but not here. It is an absolute dream. The same top quality brushing that you find on the case has continued here. It is embossed with the word “Neminus” on the top and on the underside you find the word “Xtreme” next to a logo of a diver’s mask and regulator. Not to mention the unique flowing shape of the edges of it that remind me of waves when you see it in profile.



So obviously I really enjoy this watch. And usually at this point I would offer my suggestions for areas of improvement. I just can’t fault it though. It is absolutely fantastic. The quality of this piece is outstanding. It covered every aesthetic, even how it handles. As I said there is not even an unpleasant sharp or rough edge to be found, not even on the case back or clasp or the edge of a crown guard or tip of a lug. Nothing. Alignments, Lume, application of indices, they are all top notch. I am genuinely curious to know what factory is turning these watches out. So in the absence of being able to find fault I applaud it. Great work Neminus I genuinely think that this one will be hard to beat. So what would I like to see in the future? Well the only thing this watch can’t really do is dress up, and frankly I would love to be able to take this everywhere with me and that includes places I would wear a suit. (Not that I ever really do…) So I would love to see a similar model with all of the goods that this one brings, and I would love it to have a bracelet with fitted end links and a well executed clasp. And I would be very interested to see how a more formal version would look with a black tie appropriate dial. But until then you won’t catch me in a suit, because I simply can’t take this salvage diver off my wrist.