Zelos Bronze Hammerhead


A few months back I discovered that I liked bronze watches. It was never a material I would have considered wearing because yellow gold doesn’t wear well on me and I associated the two colours together and made an assumption. Whoops, way wrong. Bronze wears very differently than gold. It’s got a whole different personality, confidence, a bit of cockiness, a little tongue-in-cheek humour and a lot of style. Enter the Bronze Zelos Hammerhead.


This is a 1000M water resistant dive watch. It’s powered by the reliable NH35 Seiko made engine encased in CUSN8 marine grade bronze. To ensure a rugged functionality the bezel insert is ceramic, the crystal is high double domed sapphire and has an inner AR coating. The BGW9 lume though is absolutely SPECTACULAR! Next to my Lum-Tec the Zelos is not outdone. It shines just brightly initially and lasts a very long time almost as long as the Lum-Tec, but not quite. 

Note the lumed engraved logo on the screw down 4 o’clock crown. Well done Zelos, very nice touch. In fact that’s why I really enjoy wearing this watch. It’s not just one specific thing about it that makes it good. It’s the whole package. The attention to detail as you inspect, admire and handle the watch becomes apparent the more time you spend with it. The neat little touches are everywhere. 

The sunburst blue dial is lovely, the very 3 dimensional indices and sunken lumed chapter ring add so much depth to the dial. The lumed markers on the bezel are very bright, almost a focal point rather than an afterthought like some watches. The crown is large and makes you feel rather hairy chested and proud! This watch ticks a lot of boxes. It’s fun, it’s stylish, is comfortable, it’s confident, a bit cheeky, and it also feels very capable. In fact I enjoy wearing this out on some mountain adventures which I don’t do with my other bronze watches.

When I first saw pictures of this watch I thought I’d was going to be enormous. But it’s really deceptive, it’s 44mm diameter and 49mm lug to lug dimensions sit very responsibly on my 6.75 inch wrist due to its shape. The diameter of the dial is also not very large making the Watch wear a bit smaller than I had expected. I currently have mine on the rubber isofrane strap because I’m enjoying getting some outdoor use from this piece. But it also comes with a brown leather and a denim clad leather strap which I’m looking forward to trying. The nice touches don’t just end with the watch, it extends to the packaging as well. The watch not only includes the 3 straps, but also a fabric travel roll and a strap tool. The box it all comes in is wooden and the warranty card is laser cut bronze, and on the back it is written in ink by hand detailing that my specific watch is #65 of 75 made.

Not only has Zelos got me excited to check out their other offerings, but I’m now continually seeing well made watches coming out of Singapore, so Bravo Zelos, way to showcase your product and your home turf. Check out their Website for more info on their products. And follow them on social media as well, they’re very active and responsive. I see them interacting with the online watch community on a daily basis.