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Hamtun H1 (White)

It’s just a cool yet sophisticated watch. It seems to have the sort of confidence in itself that doesn’t require it to explain itself to anyone. It’s just plain good and it knows it!

Hamtun Watches H1

Hamtun Watches overview

Hamtun Watches are a UK based company building affordable automatic watches. They launched their first watch, the Hamtun H1 dive watch, on Kickstarter in 2016. It was fully funded in under 20 minutes and...


Hamtun H1 affordable titanium watch preview

Hamtun have announced their upcoming affordable titanium dive watch. Coming soon from $199 and featuring a grade-5 titanium case, matte ceramic bezel and automatic NH35A movement. Check out the preview video below and sign...


Borealis Bull Shark review

Overview Powered by the Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic movement, this deep diver watch from Borealis is an important part of their deep diving family of timepieces paying close tribute to the 6204 model. The...


GT&FQ M001 Rider automatic review

A few months ago when Sea-Gull Watch Store got in touch and asked us to take a look at their Rodina (see our updated review), they included the GT&FQ M001 Rider automatic as well....


Hastings & Co Heritage review

Making a new watch to fund on Kickstarter is, I imagine, difficult. The platform is swamped with “me too” generic pieces built from catalogue parts found on Alibaba and then presented as though they...