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Hamtun H1 (White)

It’s just a cool yet sophisticated watch. It seems to have the sort of confidence in itself that doesn’t require it to explain itself to anyone. It’s just plain good and it knows it!


River Watch Company Tiber Sport

There are many ways to choose a watch in this market that is getting increasingly saturated with Micro Brands. Great for the buyer, tough for the watch companies. Some choose based on aesthetics, some...


Borealis Sea Hawk review

Overview Powered by the extremely reliable Japanese Seiko NH36 / 4R36 automatic movement, the Borealis Sea Hawk is a superbly crafted diving watch.  This robust automatic movement boasts twenty four jewels and 21600 bph...


Sinn U1 review

Overview Whilst attractive enough, the Sinn U1’s major advantage over the competition is its superior levels of resistance to extreme conditions and external influences.  The Sinn engineers found that by using steel used traditional...