Lunowear on Indiegogo

While doing my regular Kickstarter update yesterday I cam across something of interest on Indiegogo, which was a surprise.



4 generations of watchmaking, from great-grand-father to son, bring 100 years of watchmaking history

When I first saw this campaign I was whatever the opposite of excited is. Quartz movement. Mineral glass. All the things that avoid in a watch. I almost moved on without a thought. But then I looked closer, and what I saw I found rather charming. Lunowear watches are made out of either bamboo or ebony meaning every one is slightly different, the design is quite simple but very attractive, and the people behind it seem to be building a product they actually love.

lunowear-hana-indiegogo lunowear-shoots-indiegogo

The Lunowear is available on Indiegogo for $65 until June 15 and I’ll be getting one for review.

Ad time

If you’re building a watch and planning to launch it via some kind of pre-order campaign, Ross Davis provides lots of free Kickstarter help on his blog. Check it out and get in touch with him if you have an interesting project you’d like help with.



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