24 hours with the Apple Watch


I finally got my hands on an Apple Watch around 24 hours ago and have been wearing it since (with the obvious exception of some charging time). As an admitted Apple fan – I think they make by far the best phones and computers available – but also a lover of mechanical watches, I was curious of how I’d react to Apple’s take on the wrist. Here are a few thoughts, but a full review will come once I’ve got used to it.


Initial reaction

It’s quite pretty, for a smart watch. But it’s no Damasko. I got the leather loop which I’ve found very comfortable, and far more reassuringly ‘closed’ than I feared. It failed to sync properly the first time I connected it to my phone and no apps appeared on the watch even though the phone said they were installed. So I had to begin again, setting the watch up from scratch. Not a great start.


I find it a bit embarrassing actually using it in public, a bit like when I got an iPhone and an iPad in the first weeks they launched and was aware of people looking at me and thinking “what a dick”. The main reason I was interested in the watch was for notifications when I’m out and about and want to know that my team (#COYS) has scored or my wife is trying to contact me. It’s basically useless for that, as the notification ‘tap’ isn’t strong enough to be noticed unless I’m sitting quietly doing nothing, in which case I’d probably also notice my phone buzzing.


Terrible, without exception. Found one that isn’t? I doubt it, but do let me know if you have.

Fitness tracking

The one thing that gets consistently good reviews, but it’s of no use to me. To make fitness tracking valuable the watch needs to be always on your wrist. There is no way this becomes the only watch I wear, and wearing two watches is the act of a classless buffoon.

Final thoughts, for now

I don’t get it, and I love Apple products. It’s not very useful, which would be fine if it felt special in some way. None of my automatic watches do anything more than tell the time (some of them the date), but they feel special. When I first used an iPhone it felt like I was using something truly amazing. When I use the Apple Watch I just miss my other watches.

Perhaps the launch of native apps in the next few months will result in a load of use cases that haven’t occurred to me yet. I hope so, because at the moment it feels like I’ve wasted my money.


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