Hamtun H1 (White)


This is a watch that’s already been reviewed by much much much better watch reviewers than an amateur like myself (who’ve already deemed this a good watch)….. so let’s look at this one more like “Storytime! My personal experience with the Hamtun H1!” And how it does going from the base of a mountain to its peak on someone’s wrist.
A little history on how I learned about it. There was some chatter on Facebook about this upcoming Kickstarter watch from some members of various watch groups I’m in. 


The chatter was coming from some people whose opinions I’d already come to respect. So I checked it out and thought to myself, “Well it’s a cool looking piece, but I’ve already got a few affordable tool divers powered by an NH35, sooo just scroll by, I don’t need another one.” I tried to push the Hamtun from my thoughts and carry on. Well the chatter continued…. A short while later I hear that this little watch was fully funded in some crazy quick time of like 20 minutes. “Hmmmmm, what is it about this watch that I’m missing???” Well eventually the posts from the backers changed from “I can’t wait for my H1!” To “Here’s a wrist shot of my new Hamtun!” Or “WOTD!!!” Followed by a grade 5 titanium clad wrist shot. I began to feel a bit of envy and regret descending…. uh oh.

The other aspect of this watch that I really enjoyed was that the man behind Hamtun was right there on social media the whole time interacting with people and being rather humble, open and down right likeable.

Bloody hell, I needed this watch! If for no other reason but to find out what all the fuss was about. As I said before this watch has already been reviewed by solid reviewers, so I’m not going to dive into all the specs of this watch, but it certainly ticked all of the boxes on my list. (I’m pretty easy to please) My minimum requirements are :

– Sapphire, 100m WR rating, screw down crown and case back, proven and reliable automatic movement…. Yeah yeah I know, I’m pretty easy to please.

So a few months go by and I eventually track one down. It’s #49 of the white version. The watch is pre-owned but unworn in the box, with both the titanium bracelet and silicone band. I contacted Hamtun watches to ask if the warranty only applies to the original purchaser or if it’s transferable with the watch. Not only did he respond almost immediately to let me know that the watch itself will still be under warranty, but he does it in his affable and sincerely interested manor. Just a guy excited that another person is wearing one of his watches. He’s proud of them, you can just tell. That’s a good thing! 

I had also heard from a few owners that they had been having some trouble with the bracelet with some of the link screws backing out, so I asked him if I should be concerned, or if I should maybe apply some Loc-Tite to avoid any issues. He was straight up and advised that there has been issues and that I should consider securing the screws with a thread locker and maybe wearing it on the silicone until that was done. I appreciate honesty and accountability. He even recommended the exact product to use Loc-Tite 222. I took his advice and did that a few days later. It wasn’t hard, a bit time consuming because there were a lot of screws, 34 to be exact. But not an overly difficult task.

Ok so on with my quest to find out what the fuss is about. I already like the company at this point because of the service and candid availability of the owner. That goes a long way! But from a functionality and wearability stand point how is it? Well let me tell you, “It’s freaking amazing!” And it’s hard to define why exactly, because it’s not just one single aspect of this watch that I love, it’s all of them combined. It’s a very good looking watch, but not in an overstated way. It’s also hands down the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn, it’s light and has a relatively low profile on the wrist. I find that it doesn’t seem to want to smash itself into every door frame, countertop or boulder I walk past, like every other brand new watch I’ve worn in the first hour of ownership. It’s low maintenance because of its ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal I don’t hesitate to wipe dirt and sweat off of it with the bottom of my shirt and worry about grit scratching it. And for some reason you feel like James freaking Bond when you wear it. It’s just a cool yet sophisticated watch. It seems to have the sort of confidence in itself that doesn’t require it to explain itself to anyone. It’s just plain good and it knows it!

I won’t be parting with this watch. It’s mine now and has a permanent place in my collection. It may have actually dethroned one or two others that I own and bumped them into my “To be traded” pile. I’ve hiked, ran, camped, dined and traveled in this watch and it has fit into each scenario perfectly, effectively and subtly. So if you can get ahold of one DO IT! (But it won’t be #49 in the white style) If you want to research the watch further and have a more structured review about its specs etc.. just web search Hamtun H1 review and you’ll get lots of info. I’ve also been seeing some teasers popping up on social media about the next project to come from Hamtun and it is looking very promising! From what I’ve seen of the owner he’s a sharp one, he’ll take everything he’s learned from the H1 and most likely improve upon everything, even though nothing needs improving. (other than a bracelet issue IMHO) so thanks for a great watch Hamtun and best of luck with your next one, I can’t wait and definitely won’t be missing out on that one out of the gates!

For more info from Hamtun, Click here to check them out