Momentum M30


I’ve loved watches since I was a little. This watch is the first automatic watch I ever purchased, (and oh boy did it open the flood gates for more! But I’ll get to those in later posts) It was a demo model that I bought at Momentum’s head office in Vancouver. They’re Canadian, I’m Canadian, I like Canadian products! Momentum are known for making well built durable watches, I’ve owned several of their quartz watches and they’re bomb proof, so after much web browsing I took the plunge.


On to specs! It’s got a Seiko built NH35 automatic proven workhorse movement encased in a bead blasted stainless steel case. It’s 44mm excluding crown, and 53mm lug to lug. It’s long, and wears pretty large on my 7″ wrist, but isn’t unwearable by any means. It’s heavy too, 190gm. 300meter WR, 120 click uni-directional bezel which is grippy! Sapphire crystal, screw down crown and display case back. I’m not one for showing off a relatively unattractive workhorse movement like the NH35, but the fact that they do and also maintain a WR rating of 300m is impressive. (Also note that all their watches are assembled by hand and they depth test them in their pressure tester at their HQ.)

I like the dial and especially the chapter ring that is notched out around the applied shark tooth shaped indexes! The presentation of the dial seems to have taken a lot of cues from the 2nd generation Seiko Monster but is no copy, nor is it an homage. If it were to be compared to a Seiko it would be more like the love child of the SKX and the monster, but without crown guards and both parents wondering who genes the bezel came from. (Here’s a pic of it next to my SRP583)
The bracelet bead blasted stainless to match the case, and it is fantastic. It’s almost an oyster style bracelet with solid end links but the outer links come to a pyramid point adding a great aesthetic and texture to the watch. This watch has also never torn a single hair from my wrist! The clasp also has a macro adjustment so it can be worn over a wetsuit to remind you what it’s capable of. Lume is also very good, seems to be C3, but it’s not quite “Seiko” good. It’s still very visible and can be seen all night in a tent for example. 
I’ve had this watch since January 2016 and it’s been on many adventures with me, although it gets less wrist time as my collection grows it’s a watch that I’d never get rid of, and should the zombie apocalypse befall us I could see myself grabbing for this watch as I dodged the gnashing brain seeking teeth! As a tool watch goes, this one is fantastic and Momentum will back their products with a 2 year warranty, and upon bringing their watches back to them at 2 years for service they extend it for another 2 and will then do it again 2 years later, so basically your covered for six years. This watch and I have history and it’s not one that I’ll trade or sell, it’s a watch to make memories with and accompany you on all your adventures. The only place I wouldn’t take it is somewhere that requires a tuxedo. Everywhere else and other occasion is fair game! Would I recommend this watch to others? Yes definitely, except if you have small wrists it might wear a bit big. I also just found out that they are releasing an open heart version of this watch (not my style, but maybe it’s yours) if you’re looking for an adventure hungry tool watch look no further.