Patrolman Enforcer


Have you ever had the very powerful urge to NOT own a G-Shock, but sort of needed a G-Shock? Well this might be the solution your are looking for. I’ve been loaned this Enforcer by Patrolman watches to review, and it has a rather cool origin story. It’s a watch designed to be worn by police officers, therefore has to be very durable, look good with the uniform, be professional and appear respectful, be functional and affordable (because most likely it will take its inevitable share of hard knocks.) 


Now I’m generally solely a fan of automatic watches, but no matter how often someone throws around the term “Rugged Tool Watch.” At the end of the day, an automatic just can’t survive an impact like a quartz watch can. So for occasions like mountain biking or other impactful sports and activities, I do have a small collection of quartz watches, but NO G-Shocks! I find them gaudy and too big, and I also don’t care what time it is in Paraguay or whatever other time zones it tracks and find most of the other functions unnecessary for my needs. Now a  police officer on occasion will definitely get jostled and bumped while  on the job and in training. Whether it’s during an arrest or shooting or one of the other many many unspecified duties that they may find themselves tasked with doing on a daily basis. I was personally very interested in this project because for my day job I work in police dispatch and have a passion for watches. Perfect!

The design of this watch is a modern field style. The case is a sensible 42mm diameter and is 50mm lug to lug, personally those are great dimensions for me. The material is 316L stainless steel and has a black PVD coating. The crystal is sapphire and is slightly recessed below the lip of the case to provide protection against shattering in an impact. The lip may get scratched up, but your crystal should remain intact. The crown is guarded and is a pull / push actuation. The case back is attached via 6 screws and the Watch is water resistant to 100 meters. I like the legibility of the numbers on the dial they’re bright white and large. The notched chapter ring adds a nice depth to the dial and is accented with blue markers at each hour position. The genuine leather strap is embossed with their logo on the back and is held in place with  built in quick release spring bars so removing them is a breeze should you want to put on the black and blue nato. I also like the touch they did by having the sliding keeper done in blue. The leather strap has a 2 prong clasp,  and the NATO a single.

All in all the Watch comes across as proficient in what is was designed for. Personally if I owned it I probably wouldn’t wear it on leather. I’d prefer a rubber because I don’t like NATO straps (although this one is rather attractive) but I have no doubts that this watch will be tough and reliable. It’s powered by the Miyota 2105 quartz engine with the day/date function so it will only need to be set when after months that have 30 or less days. The aesthetics definitely look the part and will look great with any police uniform. 

Now this model I was loaned is a prototype and not quite the final product. The main difference will be the Lume in the final production models will be a very bright C3 Superluminova, this one didn’t have much in the way of lume, so I won’t speak to that. A few little things that just didn’t jive with me however, was the use of a black second hand on a black dial made it almost useless, I’m a second hand fan! I used to be a firefighter and was licensed as a paramedic. Second hands matter! White would have been my preference. I would have liked 24hour time included on the dial as that’s the time language spoken in law enforcement. And finally the crown I think should have been a bit larger because the gap between the guards and crown is very noticeable, and I also wish it was screw down, but that’s a little nitpicky because it has been tested to 100 meters, but I just prefer screw down.

The Enforcer will be launched on Kickstarter early November, and if you get on board at the early bird offer, this watch can be had for about $110 USD, great value. The final retail price from their website will be $230, so get in on this early, and watch for their stretch goals like having numbered cases. On a final note I forgot to mention that Patrolman is a British company, and one of the things that the British do very well is Policing! So this watch is sure to work very well for it’s purpose, and if it’s rugged enough for a British Bobby, it will work well for anyone needing a tough watch! And with that while on the topic of careers and cultures, I will leave you with a joke.

A European heaven is where The British are Police, the Germans are mechanics, the French are chefs, the Italians are lovers, and they are all organized by the Swiss.

A European Hell is where the British are chefs, the Germans are police, the French are mechanics, the Swiss are lovers and they’re all organized by the Italians.

Check out their website Here and stay tuned for more info on their campaign launch!
***Quick edit***

The weather became very cooperative today, and I managed I get the watch out for a quick trip into the back country. I took it on the NATO strap, and it was perfect! Extremely comfortable on the wrist, light and didn’t catch on my backpack straps when taking it on and off. It also had the opportunity to flex its muscles and prove to me its toughness when I slipped on a steep rocky pitch and went down pretty hard. The watch took a pretty hard hit against the granite rock face…. I thought oh crap, I’ve damaged a sample. However when I brought myself to have a look at it, there wasn’t a scratch on it! The PVD coating and the recessed Crystal did their job as promised! I now think I’m going to miss this watch when I ship it off to its next stop in its journey for reviews.