Zoid Green Dragon


The tales and myths of dragons are many, they’re multicultural and fascinating. They’re portrayed as beasts, protectors, beautiful, large, fierce and brave! Living in caves or behind waterfalls. Well thanks to this watch from Zoid, dragons also live on your wrist.


I’ve been trying to encapsulate exactly what this watch is, and the most accurate statement I can come up with is pure flashy fun. Let me start off by saying this watch is huge. It’s 50mm case really stands out on the wrist.

This is a very limited and exclusive piece there are 3 versions of the dragon series and only 8 pieces made of each. Here are the specs

• Case: 316L Stainless steel case and brush finish with black PVD plating.

• Movement: Seiko NH37 Automatic time module with self winding mechanism and up to 40 hours power reserve.

• Water Resistance: Up to 100m/ 10ATM

• Winding cown: Pull out crown with custom embossed ZOID logo.

• Dial: Graphite lava emulsion with laser cut dragon outline.

• Hands: Custom hands applied with super luminova.

• Hardened sapphire crystal.

• Strap: Genuine calf leather with embossed croco pattern and hand-stitched details.

• Buckle: 316L Stainless steel with Black PVD plating Special cast buckle with laser engraved logo.

• Case back: 6 piece screw case back.

• Case size: 50mm

• Case thickness: 12mm.

• Fits wrist up to: Diameter of 75mm.

• Limited edition of 8 pieces. (Every backcase is engraved with a serial number for example, “Dragon No. 01/08).

This is a well made watch that definitely resembles a diver, however it ventures more into the fashion and accessory world. This watch was good for me to wear and review because it has taken me outside my comfort zone and opened my eyes to the option of wearing a new style of watch. You see it’s very easy to get comfortable with a certain size and style. For me my safe zone is 40-44 mm divers.

Now if you’re like me and you wear one of your favourite pieces nothing makes your day and wag like a puppy when someone notices your watch, even if it’s just to say “That’s a nice looking watch, what is it?” And in a world where the flock wears smart watches or no watch at all, having your wrist noticed is few and far between. My nicest Swiss pieces go unnoticed, however strap this fire breather on your wrist and unleash the comments of the masses! They literally can’t miss the smoke show going on on your wrist.

The strap is made from an animal that used to moo, but it’s textured to look like crocodile (or probably dragon) but I like that because cow leather in my opinion feels the nicest. The buckle is large and engraved and coated evenly in PVD to match the case. The crown is at 9 o’clock which is never my first choice. I think they belong on the other side, but, as I said this watch took me outside my comfort zone and after wearing it I’ve quickly realized that it needs to be where it is due to the size of the beast, it would dig into the back of your wrist if it were at 3. As it is, this watch is relatively comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s large and has some weight to it so you don’t forget you’re wearing it, and it definitely isn’t going to fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt, but it’s not uncomfortable. The other obvious feature is the crown guard. It looked at first to me complicated because I was trying to play around with the trigger looking piece, however I quickly realized it is non functional and you simply have to pull the guard away from the watch to get at the pull/push crown.

The bezel is unidirectional with 120 clicks, and is one of 2 areas that I would like to see improved. There is quite a bit of play in the feel of it. But since it’s not technically for diving it gets a pass. The display back shows the Seiko made NH37 movement ticking away inside. It’s not a particularly attractive engine and I would have rather seen an engraved case back to match the stunning beauty of the dial. Which brings me to the star of the show! The dial is absolutely a work of art. Zoid has coined this a Graphite lava emulsion with a laser cut dragon outline. That sounds cool, but whatever you want to call it, it’s the kind of dial that you can stare at all day and never know what time it is because you got distracted by it’s beauty.

The only distractions on the dial is the date window, while nice to have I would have rather had more dial real estate to stare at. The logo is the letter Z and tastefully sits at 3:30. The NH37 has a 24 hour complication that Zoid has made to be what seems like a slowly rotating fire ball. I like it, but can’t figure out if there is a way to read the 24 hour time from it or if it is just a neat feature. The applied indices are very well appointed and look like claws clutching the dial firmly in place. The lume is not mind blowing, but it is good. The skeleton hour and minute hand are nice, but the second hand with its red spear tip looks fantastic as it sweeps around the dial.

So who is this watch for? Anyone who needs to be taken outside their comfort zone. Anyone who is looking for something flashy that will turn some heads. And bottom line the person seeking exclusivity! At only 8 pieces this is definitely unique. I’m really looking forward to future models from Zoid. They have really created something fantastic with this dial, and I could think of a whole bunch of other themes for future watches. It is pure artwork. It’s fascinating and above all else it is fun! So don’t be afraid to be bold! Thank you Zoid for shaking up my world and making me have a lot of fun taking this lovely green dragon out for a flight. For more info please check them out Right here.